Midori Moriwaki’s green meets Ai Futaki’s blue

Midori Moriwaki’s green meets Ai Futaki’s blue

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Ms. Midori Moriwaki is pleased to announce that she will join forces with Ms. Ai Futaki as of 2023 to develop joint projects dedicated to environmental issues.

Midori Moriwaki’s green meets Ai Futaki’s blue

Moriwaki has always been a big supporter of the increasingly green and eco-sustainable direction that motorsport has taken in recent years. And now, thanks to an immediate human connection and shared vision between the owner of the MIE Racing Honda Team and the famous underwater marine photographer, the two parties have decided to collaborate by promoting activities that look to the future and to environmental issues with responsibility and respect.

“KaiKatsu TenKu” 海濶天空 is the concept that inspires the partnership. It means that the sea and the sky are limitless, wide open, analogous to a person who has a broad mind with significant capacity and no rancour. It is also a metaphor for the infinite capacity to generate words and ideas. The word ‘海闊’ refers to the spaciousness of the ocean. The skies are clear and open.

Midori Moriwaki Midori Moriwaki President of MIDORI Corporation LeyLine GmbH – TEAM PRINCIPAL/CEO

"Motorsport is a wonderful sport that is no longer concerned with just technique and speed, but also demonstrates a growing sensitivity towards environmental issues. Like the ocean that is in constant motion, competitive sport stimulates the ability to develop innovative ideas, a continuous charge that leads to improvement, progress, and the breaking down of limits. I think it offers the opportunity to not only develop increasingly sustainable technology, but also to spread this new and more responsible sentiment. I feel a great commonality of ideas and purpose with the philosophy expressed by Ms. Ai Futaki, so beautifully expressed by her photographs, and I am thrilled to join forces in support of issues that are so important to us and our wonderful Oceans."

Ai Futaki

"Visibly and invisibly, we are all connected. You might think that Midori and I are not related in any way or operate in opposing fields. And yet we both strong believe in our hearts that we are focused on the same goal. Through this partnership with Midori, I would like to share and plant a seed in every individual’s heart to show them that we are part of Nature, made of Nature, and born with Nature from our mother Ocean."

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